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When you teach the sacraments,
do you include:

  • The Old Testament in Bible

  • The Gospels and the rest of the New Testament

  • Who created the sacraments

  • The 3 types of sacraments

  • Which is the most important sacrament, and why?

  • Definition of a sacrament

  • The types of grace each sacrament offers

Do you know why Pope Benedict XVI said
we should always start with Genesis
when teaching people about God?

Did you know that Jesus showed us how to teach the sacraments?  And that St. Peter put that into practice?


Bringing others closer to God is the most important thing a teacher does


Every one of the sacraments puts us into direct contact with God, and we receive them through the Catholic Church


The sacraments put us into direct contact with God, in a way that nothing else on earth does! God gives us His grace through each sacrament, but each one has a different effect on us.

But how many times do people think that learning about the Faith is:

Boring.  Not that important, or worse: a waste of time.


What would happen if they knew, really knew, what the sacraments are and what happens when we receive them?


In my experience, once people (of any age) want to receive them

They don’t want to wait, because just having to wait is almost painful

Even kids in middle and high school want to receive them immediately!


And that’s because they finally know:

  • What God has done for each one of them

  • His plan from the beginning was to unite us to Him

  • The main way He does that now is through the grace of the sacraments


Each one helps to perfect us in different ways, and unites us to Him

But how do you teach that?
How do you teach students at any age or grade level about the sacraments?

In these lesson plans on the sacraments, you will learn how to teach and that the sacraments are:

  • Scripturally-based

  • Showing how much God loves every one of us

  • Part of His plan from the beginning

  • Show the wounds that each sacrament heals

  • How the sacraments unite us with God


You’ll get these 7 steps for teaching each sacrament:

  1. Where to begin in Genesis

  2. Old Testament references

  3. Instituted by God

  4. New Testament references

  5. Grace from the sacrament

  6. How it helps us get to Heaven

  7. How we live it today


The sacrament lesson plans include references from:

  • The Bible

  • The Catechism of the Catholic Church

When you purchase the full package of lesson plans, you will receive the Baptism Lesson plan immediately (after the initial release date).


Every other week, a new lesson plan will be available for download, until all of the lesson plans have been released. 

You have access to the site for 1 year from the date of purchase.

During that year, you also have access to:

  • Each file after it is released​

  • All updates

  • Discussion forums

The lesson plan package includes individual lesson plans for:

  • Baptism

  • Confession

  • Confirmation

  • Eucharist

  • Marriage

  • Holy Orders

  • Anointing of the Sick

  • The Church

  • Grace

Baptism, the first of the Lesson plans,
will be available for download beginning
Friday, January 24.

Click on the image or the price below
to pre-purchase.

Sacrament Lesson Plans
Thinkific Course Cover Church and Sacram

Full Package of all
9 Lesson Plans

Price: $79.99

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Baptism Lesson Plan

Price: $9.99

If you purchase the Baptism Lesson Plan before the release date you will have access to the site for one year beginning on the day that the lesson plan is released.

These are digital downloads that includes a 7-day full-refund guarantee.

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