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How to Tackle Social Media and Save Hours of Time and Stress

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Are you a business owner like me, or a marketer trying to grow your business on social media? Or are you just frustrated by the amount of effort social media requires, only to see little to no payoff?

In this post, you’ll learn how to get the most out of social media for much less time and effort (click here for the full list of the products and services that I review and recommend--or don't recommend).

Who am I?

I teach, and I write blog posts. I am not a:

  • Graphic designer

  • Marketer

  • Promotional guru

Most small business owners like me aren’t sure what to post on social media, let alone posting something new every single day.

Posting on any social media platform can completely consume your time and before you know it, you’ve wasted hours of time and tons of mental energy trying to think of something useful to post.

What do you do? It’s a LOT to figure out, and it can be completely overwhelming!

How do you know what to blog about? Or when and how often to blog or when to post on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platform?

What did I do?

I got a LOT of help from Angie Gensler's site. I had (and still have) a lot of ideas about what to post, but I needed some help in figuring out where to get started, so I read her blog post: What to Post on Social Media.

It was really helpful, because even though I know how to teach, most of my teaching had been done in person. I get feedback immediately that way, either because people asked questions or because I could see by the expressions on their faces that they need a little more help.

That doesn’t work quite so well on social media!

I needed more help

I bought Angie's Social Media Content Calendar to help me figure out what to blog, what to post on Pinterest, and how often.

The calendar has been so helpful! Here's what it has:

  • 366 days of social media posts already planned out, beginning the day you purchase the calendar

  • A complete list of holidays for the US, Australia, Canada, and the UK

  • Provides a streamlined process that makes it easy to create valuable content

  • Allows you to be consistent with your social media posts

  • Offers a wide variety of ideas keeps your content fresh and unique

  • Done-for-you image templates save tons of time and make pre-scheduling content so easy!

I love a good deal, so I also bought her Social Media Images that I can use anywhere on social media.

Angie doesn't just give you the download and then leave you hanging.

Here's what's Included with the Calendar:

  • Daily post ideas planned out for you in a proven-to-work system for social media marketing

  • 52 questions and 52 quotes already done for you

  • 3 completely editable versions to choose from - Google Sheet, Microsoft Excel, Google Calendar

  • Ongoing support, resources, and tutorials to help you master social media marketing

  • The calendar can easily be translated into 77 different languages

  • The calendar is for a year of posts, beginning the day you buy the calendar

And you have an additional option to add on 155 done-for-you image templates that can be customized with your branding. Not being a designer, or even very talented in that area, this was fantastic for me!

Here's Angie giving you a look inside the calendar. Check it out:

Will It Work for You?

I've already admitted it, but I'll say it again: I'm not a professional marketer or graphic designer by any stretch of the imagination!

I post content on my faith, and different ways that stories can be used as examples when teaching people about the faith.

I also blog only in English. But the calendar is designed to be completely customizable, so you can easily edit it however you want. The calendar also uses the date you purchase it--it doesn't just start in January or June--to give you a full year of content planned out for you.

It’s designed to be used on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, so whether you use all or some of those platforms, it's easy to customize it based on your own needs.

What if I don’t live in the US?

Seriously, the calendar truly is 100% editable and customizable so any US holidays can easily be removed. It also includes supplemental lists of holidays for Australia, Canada, and the UK that you can use instead.

Is the calendar available in other languages?

Yes! The calendar can easily be translated into 77 different languages. Angie provides a step-by-step tutorial showing you how to translate the calendar into your preferred language in a matter of minutes.

You can see why it's so easy to use!

Angie does as much of the work for you as possible, allowing you to free up hours of time and stress and focus on the parts of your business you love!

Click the images below or the text links to purchase Angie's Social Media Content Calendar and Social Media Images

Now that you understand how a social media content calendar will help you get the most out of social media for much less time and effort, it’s time to grab your own copy!

I really hope you love the calendar and image templates as much as I do. Once you grab your copy, let me know in the comments what you love most about them!

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