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Who Could Possibly Love a Man Like

Ebeneezer Scrooge?

Did YOU love Scrooge in the beginning of the story?


Probably not

Scrooge and Marley by Leech.jpg

He’s a horrible person! Who could love a man like that?

God, but that’s about it

Why not?

Scrooge isn’t just a miser, he’s cruel and heartless—just ask Jacob Marley!

Tiny Tim is easy to love

Bob and Tiny Tim Cratchit by Leech.jpg

As soon as you met him in the story, you knew he was special.

It’s so easy to love someone who’s as sweet, kind, and loving as

Tiny Tim Cratchit

Even a man as greedy and heartless as Scrooge loves Tiny Tim,

and he was distraught when Tiny Tim died.


And yes, I cried right along with Scrooge

(and still do every time)

Scrooge isn't  quite so easy to love

Ghost of Christmas Present by Leech.jpg

But did you love Scrooge by the end of the story?

Even if you didn’t love him, at some point, you probably started rooting for him

Was it:

  • When you saw how much he had suffered?

  • When you saw him truly regretting some of what he’d done?

  • Maybe it was when he wanted to save Tiny Tim?

  • Or maybe it was his burst of joy when he surprised the Cratchits with his gifts on Christmas Day?

For one reason or another, you shared in Scrooge’s joy in the celebration of Christmas, just like everyone else who reads or sees A Christmas Carol

But why?

Why do so many people love A Christmas Carol?

Scrooge and Nephew Fred by Leech.jpg

It’s such a wonderful story, but WHY does it affect us so strongly?


Because A Christmas Carol is about

the fall, repentance, and salvation

of Ebeneezer Scrooge


And that has everything to do with Dickens writing this as a specifically Christian story.


Learn more about the specifically Christian foundation that Dickens used to write this wonderful story in the ebook:

How Charles Dickens Hid the Christianity in His Story, A Christmas Carol

You will get:

  • Edited and expanded versions of my blog posts on A Christmas Carol

  • Comments on the characters and events that play a role in Scrooge’s salvation

  • How Dickens used them to help Scrooge on his path

  • A downloadable PDF of the original story by Dickens, with the illustrations by John Leech

This is the first time this ebook is availabe, so when you buy the book now you’ll have access to the site for 30 days. You’ll be able to download the updated version of the ebook during that time. 


Since this is the first version

(and will be edited over the next few weeks)

The introductory price is just



 This introductory price will go up when the final version is complete

How Charles Dickens Hid the Christianity
Ebook Christmas Carol

This ebook comes with a 7 day money back guarantee. 

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