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When you read the classic story, did you see this story as a metaphor for how we become children of God?

A Christmas Carol

Did you notice that it was a deeply Christian story?

Probably not

It has rarely been taught
in the past few


That's why I help parents and teachers learn how to discover the Christian symbols and themes in the series

There are stories that are written specifically for Christian audiences. They are primarily morality tales where their focus is either on conversion to Christianity or encouraging Christians to continue practicing their faith. The stories tend to be fairly simple and straightforward.

We may learn a specific lesson that the author is trying to teach us, or we may be encouraged in our practice of our faith...


but they don't change us

We remain pretty much the same as when we started reading or watching the story because there's no challenge to face when you already know most of what will happen from start to finish as soon as you begin reading or watching a story. 

I'd like to show you something more.

Two Travelers Grimms Fairy Tales illus by Olcott.jpg

Instead of staying at the surface level, I'd like to help you start to go into the depths of stories--not by memorizing all different parts that make up a story--but instead by learning how to see and understand how authors incorporate Christianity into their stories.

If the story is a simple Christian morality tale, that requires very little consideration because it's already completely laid out for you. However, when an author incorporates Christian elements into a story without forcing it in a way that becomes extremely obvious, that allows the reader to enjoy a story as a story and to enjoy the full experience of a good and well-told story.

When authors use Christian elements within the story in a more subtle and organic way, that story is not just a better story, but it allows us to experience the transformation that should be inherent in stories. When you learn to see those elements and how they are used within various stories, you are then able to understand those stories in at a much deeper level.

This is what I try to help parents and teachers learn how to do so that they can teach that to their children and students.


That is the goal for the courses that I've created.


I started with the fairy tales Cinderella and Snow White, and an already well-known story by Charles Dickens: A Christmas Carol.


Then I addressed the issue of magic in some of the popular fantasy series of stories:

Lord of the Rings, the Narnia Chronicles, and Harry Potter.


This last course deals with a very controversial issue for Christians, which is why that topic needs a lot more thoughtful discussion.

Each of these courses are taught with the foundational principle that faith is always in accord with reason within the Christian Faith

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